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Bizarre and Creative Packaging Concepts

We are finding increasingly unusual, out-there and left field ways to sell and market products, and a quick glance at High Street shelves suggests that packaging has become the main focus of outlandish and whimsical designers. It makes perfect sense; the packaging is the first thing we see. Why have it serviceable and prosaic when it could be completely off-the-wall?

Drink Carton

Drinks cartons are usually rectangular objects with garish cartoons on the front, or for the more highbrow juice box consumer it might be a plain apple dripping with moisture. They could be a thing of the past. Just check out these bold and bright designs; they have caught the perfect balance between contemporary and retro. Fantastic stuff.

PerfumePerfume and cosmetics arguably lead the way when it comes to pushing the packaging envelope, and this weird and wonderful design by Jann Kyttanen for L’Oreal is a perfect example. Brave, daring, flamboyant and interactive. Where can they go from here?

Six Feet Under

DVD packaging is becoming increasing competitive, and more abstract and unusual in the process. But it is a smart move by film and distribution companies; collectors of DVD’s can be an obsessive bunch who have almost made a cult out of collecting rare and hard-to-obtain films and TV shows. Items like this will only feed the mania.

Pineapple Pastry

They are simple pastries, with a hint of pineapple of course! But this is extremely clever packaging. Not only does the design tell you in no uncertain terms what the product is, it is also offering itself as the perfect gift.

Sock Packaging

With tongue-firmly-in-cheek this very clever packaging for socks is an absolute winner. In fact, sock packaging is usually so staid and nondescript that if this gets on the shelf it could sell very well. Other sock manufacturers take note…and be afraid.


And so concludes our creative packaging round up. These are clever, interactive and downright bizarre designs, but they are also vital, and great designs like this are becoming essential to businesses. The future looks exciting…and slightly odd.