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ECIIA 25th Anniversary Brochure

The European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing (ECIIA) is a not-for-profit governing body of all EU auditing institutes with global prestige. To mark their 25th anniversary they wanted to create a brochure and iconic logo suitable for their growing stature.

The project saw the evolution of their existing logo to a modern symbol of their success, whilst maintaining the values of the ECIIA. The colour scheme reflected the ‘silver anniversary’, with gold tones in the main logo to accentuate the ECIIA’s status as a European body.

Drawing from Mark’s extensive print design experience, the brochure was printed on premium paper with metallic inks, again demonstrating the elegance of the organisation.

“The brochure looks fabulous and embodies the ECIIA’s principles. They were well received by all and have been kept as handsome mementos.”

Hans Nieuwlands

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