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Internal Auditing Magazine

This is the official magazine of the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors UK and Ireland, which Amplitude worked on for 9 years in conjunction with publishing company Smith de Wint.

During that time we redesigned it twice, turning it from a rather staid journal into a vibrant business publication and winning the ‘Best Membership Magazine’ accolade after the first reworking.

The Judges of the Best Membership Magazine 2006 awards said:

“The magazine is well produced and the production values are high. The design is clear and uses excellent images to support articles.”

When asked to redesign the magazine after the Institute re-branded itself. We modelled our second redesign to reflect their new branding, keeping the aspects that made the first re-design successful and improving other areas after feedback from members of the Institute.

Annual, independent reader surveys show that over 95% of members are either satisfied or highly satisfied with the magazine. It is seen as the second highest benefit of Institute membership after technical support.

“Amplitude is a thoroughly professional team, dedicated to producing top quality work to often tight deadlines. When it comes to customer care and attention to detail, they actually do what most design companies only talk about. I’d have no reservations about recommending them whole-heartedly”

Dr Arthur Piper PhD, Managing Director
Smith de Wint (Publishing)

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