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Slinga Rum Cocktails

This start-up business began humbly in the haze of family BBQs, where two friends made such popular rum cocktails, they decided to bottle it.

Mark headed the task of bringing the brand to a retail standard: creating logos and a bottle design; billboard advertisements and even marketing proposals with which they could approach distributors.

Amplitude’s aim was to compete with fashionable brands by standing out on the shelf and through innovative ad-campaigns to get consumers thinking about Slinga before other high profile varieties.

Karl’s reaction to this project reminded us of why we love what we do.

“Creating the right image is essential if you want to stand-out against competing brands. The work done by Designmafia has inspired us and given us the confidence that we will be able to make an impact in a competitive market place.”

Karl Weightman, Marketing Director
Slinga Rum Cocktails

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