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Snomoose Ice Cream Packaging

Amplitude have been involved with this Canadian ice cream company from the very beginning to create a strong brand identity to stand out in the competitive ice cream market.

Appealing to children and parents, the design shows Snomoose as a healthier product, using all natural ingredients. Devising the character Monty Moose, the logo is both relevant to Canada’s wildlife and is an entertaining mascot for children to warm to.

Above you can also see a preview of the Snomoose website we are developing, check back soon to see it live.

“An excellent graphic designer who I have worked with for more than 11 years. Mark has been instrumental in creating and developing the branding and images of our new product Snomoose. Mark has always demonstrated complete professional and personal integrity and I would have no hesitation in recommending him professionally and personally.” Conal Oldfield, Director

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