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The Monkey Run Bar

A friend of Amplitude decided to open a late night bar specialising in house music. Called The Monkey Run, he wanted the bar’s identity to be playful and energetic like their music policy.

Relishing the task, we set about months of research, visiting other bars for inspiration to see what would appeal to the target demographic. Incidentally, the bar name, is the term used by the locals for the area it’s situated.

The final design embodies aspects of the bar’s music policy in the image of a monkey’s face, which is made entirely out of intersecting circles with the monkey’s ears also doubling as headphones. For the interior graphic, the use of circles around the face embodies the idea of sound waves, but could also be interpreted as a vinyl record.

“I’m really pleased with how the bar has turned out; Amplitude’s branding has given the bar exactly what I was looking for.”

Karl Weightman, Owner
The Monkey Run

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