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Thirsty Lion Soft Drinks

This project was a total overhaul on an existing brand. The brief from Thirsty Lion was to create a brand with energy and strong shelf presence, aimed at younger children.

As with other projects, our first port of call was the logo. We feel that the logo is the spearhead of any brand or identity and that everything else should follow on from its lead. We experimented with several styles of logo and lion cub character, before the final look was approved.

“Before Amplitude we tried several other design companies, but couldn’t find one that was in tune with our vision for the company. Mark quickly understood what we wanted and the results speak for themselves.” Bal Patara, Thirsty Lion Drinks

Next came the design of the packaging, with the opportunity to develop the brand and lion character further. It was a very proud moment for Amplitude when we heard our redesign is what prompted soft drink distributers to take on the Thirsty Lion product.

After the packaging was finalised we began to work on the promotional material that was needed to roll-out the new product. “Thirsty Lion was a fun project to work on because of its illustration-driven nature. I think the results show how much I enjoyed the project” said Mark at Amplitude.

Incidentally, the guys at Pizza Plus were so impressed they hired us to give them a makeover too… Drawing all those Disney characters in the playground really paid off for Mark!

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