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The Best of Quirky Business Cards

Having a creative and memorable business card can be the make or break detail between securing a new client, job, or contact, and not securing anything. Whilst most of us will use an online card designer and work from a standard template, some clever business people are creating unique business cards that truly reflect their services.

hair pin business card

1) Yuka Suzuki – Hair and Make-up Artist

Yuka really show off her services with these quirky, bobby pin-filed cards. Not only do the pins provide the characters on her cards with unique hairstyles, we also get an emergency supply of these frequently lost hair slides. Effective and practical.

stylist business card

2) Lindsey Casabella – Stylist

Lindsey’s ‘comb-card’ is another business card ideal for hair emergencies. Not only do we get a contact number for Lindsey to come and sort out our tresses when the worst happens, we also get a comb to start dealing with the disaster until she arrives.



seed business card


3) Lush Lawn and Property Enhancement

If you’re giving Lush a call, its more than likely that you’re having problems with patchy grass or gardens that need landscaping. Until the team can get there, they provide you with a lawn starter kit, integrating seeds into the card’s innards, and helpful instructions on how to grow them on the back.

cinematographer business card

4)Jennifer Sciole – Cinematographer

Jennifer is a cinematographer who really loves her job. With this film strip business card she is able to really showcase her affinity to the movie industry; let’s just hope she doesn’t put this in the projector by mistake – this movie looks short!


cardboard handmade business cards5) Roger Keynes – Writer

Roger Keynes is so desperate for a job he’s started even sinking to hobo levels of begging. Whilst this isn’t the most professional of business cards, and probably won’t do him any favours, it is memorable and stands out amongst the masses of template business cards.

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