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The Influential Power of Graphic Design

In the world that we live in we can see on the side of any bus, or in any shop window at least one example of graphic design. It is so entwined with brands that we all know and love that when we stop and think about it, it’s possible that we didn’t even realise how influential a piece of graphic design was when we bought the product. Major brands, including Apple, Microsoft and Sony heavily rely on their brand and therefore their logo design to help sell their products. This trend isn’t just restricted to the tech industry either, with labels like Gap, Nike and Adidas all utilising the power of design to push their products in front of you in the hopes that it will catch your eye.

Logos are the prime example of how companies can influence opinion of something, sometimes even before the customer has looked at the product. Apple for instance are well-known for being a minimalistic brand, with simple design, easy-to-use functions and a minimalist approach even to their packaging. The bitten-into apple screams quality as soon as you see it. It promotes a prestige item that is desirable. The same can also be said for Nike, which have a well-established brand which has stood the test of time. Designed by Caroline Davidson in 1971, the Swoosh logo is now a household favourite and immediately recognisable around the World.

These logos do something to us when we see them and whether it’s one of the aforementioned brands or any others you would care to mention, they stimulate our senses and get us to a point of interest where we crave the product. This is powerful advertising and probably the most effective.

If we go one step further however, and move away from logos and brands and look at product design itself we can see that it all comes down to visual stimulation. We’ve mentioned before on our blog that DVD packaging for instance can be designed in such a way that it turns a relatively bland looking rectangle box, into something inspiring and desirable. They are the perfect example as they rely on big franchises which are effectively brands themselves, and they can really attract the target audience in a big way. Here are some examples of some eye-catching designs for Blu-ray/DVD boxsets for some of the biggest franchises in the film World.

The Hannibal Lecter Trilogy in a slipcase presentation box mimicking Lecter’s face mask.

A special edition presentation set of Hogwarts School in a display case

As you can see, these are collectors editions which make them extremely valuable to fans but this shows that by creating packaging that is heavily designed and in some cases where the design is “a little out of the box”, manufacturers and retailers can create a desire that is quite separate from the actual product. All through the use of clever design. We are influenced in our daily lives, whether consciously or sub-consciously, by graphic design and so it has become an integral part of the marketing process.

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